Those Days — ‘Malgudi Days’

Priyanka Das

Who remembers the 90’s?

I do. Who doesn’t?! Cause ‘those were the days’ to die for even now. Literally, we lived like there was no tomorrow!

Being a 80’s kid, I was in my teens who was hell-bent on the idiot box for some much-leisured screen time. And without a pause and any second thoughts, the show – the one I almost awaited with abated breath to catch up on in its televised timing was the legendary R. K. Narayan’s screen adaption of ‘Malgudi Days’, depicting at length the simple life of Swami and the inhabitants of a sleepy imaginary town called Malgudi, in the southern part of the country.

My young mind was so enamoured by the antics of Swami that not a single episode was missed. And, even if fate had other plans, I’ld have a heavy heart for a long time until more and more episodes were relished and the missed one was subconsciously forgotten with time.

The character of Swami’s father played by iconic actor Girish Karnad was another major turn on. And, my fascination for him and the likes of him, gifted with immense talent and without a match, like Nasheeruddin Shah and a few others had slightly begun. Even though I was way young to understand sensible acting, I in my own way still could relate to the fact that actors like Karnad were rare. With the passage of time, the soft corner I held onto for such actors solidified intensely.

Though movies weren’t much watched either on television or cinema halls then, but undeniably serials and sports took up most of my spare time when at home.
Even now if I happen to hear the soundtrack of ‘Malgudi Days’, I feel overwhelmed. The theme itself is enough to let you go on a standstill mode and lend your ears exclusively to it. It was and still is magic what if I’m way far from those days. 

Image Courtesy: Free Online India 

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